Geriatric Rehabilitation

Specializing in caring for elderly patients who have combined medical and psychosocial problems

Geriatric Rehabilitation

The Geriatric Rehabilitation Health Care Team at Riverview Health Centre  provides:

Complete Assessment
Medical Management

Key Contact

For more information on this program, contact the Patient Care Manager at:


Components of the Program

Health care team members in the Geriatric Medicine Program meet on a weekly basis to review the progress of patients. Family conferences are arranged prior to discharge or upon request. Patients and families are encouraged to be active participants. Health care team members involved in patient care include:


  • A geriatrician is a physician who is trained to deal with the problems of the elderly. A geriatrician provides care for patients during their stay at Riverview Health Centre. The geriatrician will collaborate with patients' own doctors, who will resume care after discharge.

Nursing Staff

  • The nursing staff works with patients to encourage their independence. Each patient has a primary nurse who is responsible for his or her special needs. The patient care manager coordinates patient care and is present at each team meeting. The clerical partner makes appointments for patients. Health Care Aides assist patients with their activities of daily living, as required.

Speech Language Pathologist

  • A speech language pathologist is available upon referral to do assessments and to provide treatment.


The role of the dietitian from Nutrition Services includes:

  • planning meals according to the patient's special diet requirements.
  • helping patients learn about good nutrition.

Occupational Therapist

The occupational therapist helps patients:

  • Become more independent in activities of daily living (ADL), which include dressing, bathing, feeding, toileting, making meals.
  • Manage better in their homes.
  • by making their wheelchairs more comfortable and easier to use.
  • by using special tests to check memory, concentration, problem solving skills, etc.


  • ensures the patient has the right dose of the right medications at the appropriate time.
  • identifies, prevents and resolves medication-related problems.
  • educates patients and caregivers about how to take prescribed medications.

Interfaith Chaplains

  • Interfaith chaplains from the Spiritual Care Services are available to discuss emotional or spiritual concerns with patients and to assist them in meeting their religious needs.

Social Worker

  • The social worker can meet with patients, their families and significant others to provide services including: assessment, counselling, support, education, advocacy, community agency referrals and placement planning.


To decrease pain and to help patients become more independent, the physiotherapist uses techniques such as:

  • exercise
  • walking re-education
  • heat

Home Care Coordinator

The home care coordinator is available on-site to meet with patients and families to assess eligiblity and arrange services as required, which may include:

  • Meals on Wheels
  • nursing visits
  • homemaking services
  • respite
  • equipment

Recreation Facilitator

The recreation facilitator arranges activities for patients so that:

  • enjoyment is added to their day through meaningful events and projects and through social relationships.
  • patients keep active.
  • patients' abilities are maintained.
  • patients keep in contact with the community.