Message From The Chair

Riverview Health Centre is a facility that offers hope and comfort to those Manitobans and their families who are living with long term illness or debilitating conditions. The Riverview Health Centre Foundation is an organization of dedicated volunteers and staff who work hard to further enhance the Centre's ability to provide quality care and home-like surroundings for all those in need of its services.

It gives me great pleasure to say that the Foundation and its supporters funded an amazing array of building modifications, equipment and other enhancements that make life more comfortable for patients, residents, family and staff at Riverview. For example, using funds raised through our Cycle on Life Campaign, the Centre was able to add a beautiful conservatory near the front entrance of the building. This sunlit room can be used year round for any number of events, from quiet conversations to special birthday gatherings. As well, we have our generous donors to thank for making it possible for the hospital to add screened enclosures to its balconies. Enjoying the outdoors without the threat of West Nile virus is an important initiative for protecting Riverview's patients.

Those in need of expensive, specialized furniture, such as custom-made beds and therapeutic chairs, will be happy to know that the Foundation has contributed over $450,000 for this equipment and other hospital needs.

The Foundation's donors also made history come alive in the new Riverview Heritage Museum. Our Board and supporters see a special place for remembering the Centre's roots, giving us pause to think how far we have come. Our donors also help the Centre to move into the future by funding important research studies and by providing a bursary to help Riverview staff achieve their educational goals.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank those who have helped our Centre accomplish these and many other goals: the supporters and benefactors of the Riverview Health Centre Foundation. Our kind-hearted and benevolent donors know that one day many of us may be affected by difficult and life-changing health care issues, such as stroke, acquired brain injuries, Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and respiratory disorders. Our donors want to make sure that all Manitobans have access to high quality long term and rehabilitative care in their times of need.

We are creating an environment and culture that meet the diverse needs of our patients and residents, as well as the caring staff and volunteers who serve them. I look forward to continuing to work with all of you as we commit to improving the quality of health care at the Riverview Health Centre.

Bob Brennan
Chair, Board of Directors
Riverview Health Centre Foundation